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World Cancer Institute-CancerVX / OncoVacx Cancer Transformation and Detection via Predictive Epigenomics: Increasing DNAIQ in Redefining Personalized Cancer Therapeutics and Prevention
    Epigenomic OncoDNA  ImmunoTherapeutics

World Cancer Institute- CancerVX | OncoVacx Cancer Detection and Transformation via Predictive Epigenomics : Increasing DNAIQ in Redefining Personalized Cancer Therapeutics and Prevention.


Nathan Sassover, Founder / CEO of World Cancer Institute Inc. today announced “further clinical developments in enlarging our targeted medical objectives.

■Advanced  DNA Therapies   CancerVX, OncoVacx bioactive vaccines, now further augmented with   adjacent epigenomic     protocols NFKB1 and HDACi [Histone Deacetylase Methyltransferase Inhibitors] for the Treatment of Solid Tumor, Hematologic and  soft tissue synovial Sarcoma Cancers. Achieving the Full Therapeutic Impact and  Potential of World Cancer Institute’s Molecular OncoSynergetics.

 NFKB1 | HDAC1: Therapeutic Implications in  tumor suppression with converse benefits of  NFKB1 Protein subunit and HDACI: Genomic, Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic Histology


Cancer Therapeutic Protocols:
Epigenomic Recursive Transcriptional Algorithms in activation of pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic multivariate cancer therapeutics in parallel with deactivation of epigenomic tumorogenesis pathophysiology:
Mediation of proliferative replicative modalities of concentric solid tumor and hematological cancer cell ignition and progression at the nexus of the mitotic spindle and microtubule chromosomal clinical inflection point further conjoined with pro-apoptotic mechanisms of action [MOA] to accelerated elimination and retention of senolytic cells contributing to adverse health events and disease therapeutics.
■ Multivalent Compound Conjugates
OncoImmuno pharmaceutics conjoined for therapeutic intervention with DNA demethylation, histone regulation/HDACI utilizing histone deacetylase methyltransferase inhibitors conjoined with a synthesis of sesquiterpene lactones and their analogue constituents.

Nathan Sassover, Founder World Cancer Institute, continued with further updates:

Clearly, biomedical innovation is accelerating at high velocity, and is the result of continued development of multiple modes of precision medicine fueled by the genomic revolution.


“The solid tumor and hematologic micro environments are increasingly treatment resistant and alterable DNA mediation is essential to reactivate and restore epigenetic equilibrium to yield favorable gene expression in the epigenomic realm and therapeutic outcomes in patients.
But despite the many advances made in oncology, Cancer remains the number one cause of death in the United States among those 80 years of age and younger, and the second leading cause of death worldwide. Statistically one in two males and one in three females will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer in their lifetimes.




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